CenturyLink Home Phone Service

CenturyLink home phone service gives you peace of mind, so that you always have reliable phone service when you need it. With plans that start as low as only $20 per month, the CenturyLink home phone service makes it so affordable to have unlimited local calling that there is no reason to do without it. When you need a home phone most, it is there with a perfectly clear always-on connection. No need to worry about reception, bad weather or other issues that interfere with cell phones. With your own home land line, you have the emergency support you can count on. It even gives you more choice in your home security options.

CenturyLink Home Phone Offers Choice

When you choose a CenturyLink home phone plan, you get the choice of three different plans, so that you get one that is sure to meet your every need.

  • Basic gives you normal landline phone service, including local calls and voice mail. It is the minimalist phone service that gives you what you truly need at the lowest price possible.
  • Plus gives you normal landline phone service and an array of traditional phone features like voice mail, call forwarding, call identification, last call return, call waiting and more. In addition, it also has a distinctive ring available. With pay as you go long distance, this is a great plan for someone who only occasionally uses long distance calling, but wants lots of features on their phone.
  • Unlimited gives you normal landline phone service, most of the features of the Plus plan, and unlimited long distance within the United States. This service provides as many as 10 great phone features and is an excellent choice for someone who uses long distance calling regularly.

International Calling Plan Keeps You Connected

People today move and travel, yet want to keep in touch. If you have family or friends in another country, consider the International calling plans from CenturyLink to save on long distance International calling. You can choose from up to 100 countries and enjoy anytime calling. Our special home phone service plans include one for our neighbor to the north – Canada, and one for our southern neighbor Mexico – which also includes Latin American countries.

You can save even more when you bundle your CenturyLink home phone with high speed Internet and/or DIRECTV for bundle pricing deals. Add protection plans to protect you from unforeseen disasters. In addition, if you need extra phone lines in your home, CenturyLink can easily provide them.

Get your CenturyLink home phone bundle started today.

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