Home Satellite TV Service Deals and Discounts from DirecTV

Good news! You can get Direct TV service in your area! Capture the "movie theater" experience in your living room when you order DIRECTV today. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can watch the hottest TV shows and movies, operate your DVR, and keep up with your favorite teams using the cutting-edge technology of DIRECTV.

Why Choose DIRECTV as your Home TV service?

DIRECTV offers the best in TV entertainment, the most full-time HD channels, international programs, and a Whole-Home DVR system that is incomparable to any other television provider's in the industry. With the option to customize your base package, DIRECTV gives you the opportunity to build a television entertainment plan that completely meets all of your needs and more. DIRECTV is the #1 satellite television provider because:

  • Most full-time HD channels
  • Leader in sports coverage
  • Advanced technology
  • International programming
  • Most 3D options

Whole Home DVR with Direct TV Home Television Service

DIRECTV is the only satellite television provider that enables customers to share one HD DVR for up to 15 televisions. The Whole-Home DVR allows you to record up to five shows simultaneously and view recordings in any room. If you are watching a previously recorded program in your living and want to watch the rest of it in your bedroom, Whole-Home DVR enables you to do so without missing a second of your show.

"Yes! I Can Get Direct TV in my area!"

So many customers are excited that DirecTV service in now available in their area. With Direct TV, there is no such thing as too many recorded programs. Odds are, everyone in your household has different programs that they prefer to record. Add an extra HD DVR to your DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR system to increase space. You can record any show in any room and view the recording at a later time from a unified list of shows.

Mobile DIRECTV Everywhere, in and out of your Home.

Now you can watch DIRECTV anywhere you go with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. DIRECTV Everywhere is a feature that allows your stream On Demand shows and movies as well as LIVE channels. DIRECTV nomad ™ is an innovative technology that allows you to sync your tablet, smartphone, or laptop with your HD DVR to view recorded programs wherever you go. The most impressive attribute about this device is the fact that you can watch recordings without an Internet connection.

Call a DIRECTV representative today or subscribe online for high quality video entertainment! 

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