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CenturyLink bundles give you great options in Internet, phone and TV service where you live. Bundle pricing saves you on the cost of each of these services individually so that you keep more of your money where you want it – in your pocket. To make it even better, CenturyLink does not lock you into a specific combination of home services, instead you can choose plans that best meet your usage patterns and still save big with CenturyLink bundles.

Internet Bundles Begin With High Speed Online Connectivity

CenturyLink Internet Deals bring you the always-on, high speed Internet service that you want in order to keep up with the many things the Internet offers today. With CenturyLink, you get superfast service and don't even need a home phone line for connection.  No matter what you do online, you can do it more quickly and easily with high speed Internet. However, CenturyLink speed plans always offer you at least 3 different speeds, so there is something for the light, occasional web user, something for the average user and of course, something for the heavy user.

Select areas even have CenturyLink Internet service that is as fast as 40 Mbps for downloads and as fast as 5 Mbps for uploads. The speeds CenturyLink delivers to any area in American are always amongst the best in that area. Get started by selecting the speed that best meets your needs and then moving on to the home phone and DIRECTV plans and deals that fit you.

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Century Link Home Phone Deals Save You Money and Keep You Safe

Having a home phone that works even if the power is out is a safety advantage that every home should have. Home phone service from CenturyLink gives you just that. You also get unlimited local and long distance calling, so that your home phone plan gives you absolutely everything you want from a service. Start your CenturyLink bundles with home phone service to keep you safe and connected to those who are important to you. Voicemail, caller ID and all the features you expect from home phone service are always included with the CenturyLink home phone packages and deals.

DIRECTV Packages Start With the Best in Entertainment

CenturyLink bundles with DIRECTV bring you the very best in TV entertainment available. The leading satellite TV provider in the nation brings you the best sports lineup anywhere, all the hottest shows and channels, On Demand, portable TV viewing options and so much more. With your new service activation of "Entertainment" plans or higher, you get 3 free months of the premium channels HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® and STARZ. Combined with the GENIE HD DVR, that comes standard with most new subscriptions, you have the very best TV service out there. Save on the monthly cost of DIRECTV by bundling it with CenturyLink Internet or home phone service.

Build your very own CenturyLink bundles today. Start with any or all of the services above to create a solution to your home's service needs that will fill the gap and save you money every month.

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